• Empowering Ambitious Professions to live wildly successful and happy lives
“It never ceases to amaze me when I think things are good enough and my coaching session reveals how things can truly be great–and exactly what I can do to get there!”
– Amy (Yourevolution Coaching Client)

Yourevolution Coaching:

Empowering people to live amazing lives by partnering with them to transform, grow, and surpass what they previously thought possible.

The three phase process


Initiate the Transformation
  • You make the decision to take the first step: to be open to creating a phenomenal future.
  • We will hone in on what motivates you to pursue your dreams and you will realize what you REALLY want in your life.
  • Then you will create a vision for your future that will pull you toward being amazing.
  • Just this first step will give you the freedom to explore your hopes and dreams while empowering you to courageously commit to living the life you want and deserve.


Your Time of Growth
  • Your vision will lead you to goals and inspire you to take small steps that will make a huge difference in your life.
  • Your perceived barriers (time management, limiting beliefs, fears, distractions, direction, personal blocks) will fade away, which will free you to excel and move forward in leaps and bounds!
  • We will find your focus and optimize your vital resources (time, money, energy, focus, etc.) so that you have more freedom to do things you love with the people you love.
  • You will learn how to better use accountability as a reliable method to stay on track and achieve your dreams and goals.


You are Rolling! You are surpassing what you previously thought possible
  • Live an amazing life, surpass what you previously thought possible… it’s much closer than you imagine.
  • In this time you will have the opportunity to enjoy what you have created and implement strategies for sustained momentum.
  • Now is prime time for noticing the changes and how all of those small shifts have effected your life and those around you… use this to begin to YOUR next REVOLUTION.

Are you ready to break free from the shackles of ordinary living and live an amazing adventurous life? Surprise yourself with the experience of coaching.

Enjoy 45 minutes of coaching and walk away renewed, energized and inspired.

Thriving Clients

​Kristy pushed me beyond my limits.  She was able to take me from places of self-doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs to a world of unlimited possibilities.  Always leaving me with actionable steps that I can take to live life to the fullest!


After working with Kristy Halvorsen for the past three months I’ve had some amazing breakthroughs in my business, more than I ever expected!  Kristy is great for getting to the core of every issue and then helping me find my way through the maze of confusion that was blocking my progress.  I look forward to continuing to work with her, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is determined to move forward with not just their business, but with their life.


The desire to achieve my life dreams was so strong that at times it left me paralyzed and overwhelmed. Often I felt like I was inching my way towards it.
One of the most important lessons, after going through this process, was realizing that in order to move forward you must plan your actions and take one step at a time. With the support and planning I learned, I was able to see my goals as a sequence of small steps that once completed would move me closer and closer to my destination. The feeling of empowerment grew exponentially in every session and I am certain that with out this training it would’ve taken me many years to arrive where I am today.

Kristy Halvorsen, having you as a Friend has changed my life.
Having you as my Coach has taken me to a place that I could only dream.

I will be forever grateful for your gift.


Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the power of coaching. You helped me see where I was caught in a loop and fooling myself. You released me from my own mind games and propelled me into true productivity.


Thank you for sending me the questionnaire and having an introductory session with me. All the information was very valuable so thanks for taking the time to talk with me. However, the real reason I am writing you is to tell you the importance of what you do. What you did for me that day, with one phone call, in one session has really surprised me and also has changed my days ever since.  It is amazing what you do Kristy! Don’t ever stop it! Or I should put it in a better way: keep doing what you do! Because I can only imagine the amount of happiness, self-reliance and strength you can make people see in themselves by sharing the steps to the whole process.
Best wishes

Ana Lucia

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