10 COnditions Essential for Achieving Your Goals

Ever wonder why goal setting is easy, but achieving your goals can seem almost impossible? Have I got a treat for you- Unlock your potential by implementing these 10 conditions essential for achieving your goals.

#1 Goals must be stated in the positive-

Humans are pleasure seeking and naturally want to avoid pain. We instinctively move towards positive goals and intrinsically avoid or move away from negative goals. “Lose” weight, “quit” procrastinating, “stop” working 60 hours a week- all have a negative tone: “Lose, Quit, Stop” – those don’t bring about the best. Instead, change the goal to the positive:
Instead of “Lose”- “Fit into my jeans from 3 years ago.”
Instead of “Quit”- “Make the best use of my time.”
Instead of “Stop” -“Enjoy evenings and weekends with family and friends.”
Make your focus one of achieving something optimistic, motivating, and inspiring: Frame it so that you can’t help but be pulled toward your positive goals!

#2 The outcome is within your control and maintained by you-

Your goals are just that- Yours! When declaring a goal, one of the first questions to ask is: Is this within my control? The answer must be a resounding YES!

#3 The outcome has specific results-

The details of the goal must be well defined. Crystal clear goals help make it easier to get where you want to go because you have defined precisely where you want to end up.

#4 The outcome must be measurable-

The key question here is: How will you know when you have it?
In order to measure your progress and know when you have met your goal, concrete end criteria must be defined.

#5 The outcome needs to be achievable-

Goals should stretch your limits and challenge you, but must be achievable. Have satisfaction in knowing your goals are within reach before you start and you’ll be confident that your effort will be fruitful.

10 conditions essential for achieving your goals

Set a time and date as a deadline

#6 The outcome must be realistic-

How realistic is your goal based on other constraints? Is your goal high, yet possible? Are you willing and able to reach the goal? This is a decision you must make. Truly believing that you can accomplish your goal is essential.

#7 The outcome must be timely-

What is the target time, the deadline, the due date? Without a timeframe, there is always tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. The end date belongs on a calendar. A deadline keeps the focus, offers motivation, and should provide some urgency as well.

#8 The outcome must be Ecological-

The result needs to fit into your overall plan (both short and long term goals). In other words, is it “good for all concerned?” Have all the consequences of achieving the goal been examined?
Example- I will learn to play the guitar by next Friday. You may be a musical genius, but for the rest of us this goal may not be ecological. In attempting to learn to play the guitar in a matter of days, will you be able to eat, sleep, work, and have a family life? Will your fingers be bleeding and sore? Is reaching your goal going to negatively affect other people, other goals, or other areas of your life?

#9 The goal must be relevant-
10 conditions essential for achieving your goals

Accountability is the key!

Is your goal consistent with your big vision? When your goal is in line with your other short and long term goals, it will just click! It will become a vital spoke in the wheel and a stepping stone toward bigger things to come.

#10 Accountability is the key.

Once you have a goal that embraces the first 9 conditions, you are so close. There is just one last component- Accountability is the powerful key that will unlock your potential. Now is the time to announce your goal publically! Accountability works best when you pick a person (or a few people) close to you. Share all of the details with them, including the time at which you plan to have your goal completed. When you share your goals with people, not only will they jump in the boat and help you get there, you will be more likely to complete the task because you know someone else is counting on you to be successful.

In Summary, the 10 conditions essential for realizing your goals are:

1. State your goal in the positive.

2. The outcome of your goal must be within your control.

Be sure your goal is S.M.A.R.T.E.R:10 conditions essential for achieving your goals

3. Specific

4. Measurable

5. Achievable

6. Realistic

7. Timely

8. Ecological

9. Relevant

10. Get an accountability buddy!

When you are able to go down this list and proclaim a big “YES!” to each one of these statements in relation to your goal, you’ve taken a massive first step! You have a goal that is begging you to achieve success. Now get to it! Make your dreams a reality.

Until the next revolution…

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