Action Defines You


What would you give to turn “someday” into “today”: to live a life full of passion, joy, and adventure?

There is SO much power in taking action. Why then, are so many people leaving their passion untouched—their ideas and dreams forever trapped in imagination? Is it fear of failure, fear of not being enough, fear of the unknown, or something else?

How many times have you heard (or said) “Someday”?

“Someday I will….” “When I have enough _______, someday…”  Fill in the blank with “time,” “money,” “energy,” or any other myriad of excuses.

As many have come to realize, someday very rarely appears on its own. Many sacrifice happiness and health for money or status while continuing on the hamster wheel of life. Eventually, the realization hits that no amount of money is worth health and happiness. Ask anyone with a debilitating illness what they would give to be healthy. Even better—ask someone in their 80’s or 90’s who is full of life, joy, and love what they did to have such a full life.

Now, imagine yourself as 80 or 90 and being completely fulfilled. What would that look and feel like?

Why wait?!

What would it take for you to turn “someday” into “today”?

It takes action—your action.  It takes a small step in the direction of your dream.  A step is not a thought, a wish, or a hope. A step is a deliberate action that brings you closer to what you want.

Action defines you. Action propels you forward. Small steps produce huge rewards. Your actions will build momentum. Your goals will begin to come to fruition faster and faster. Keeping that momentum going will become easier and easier. You may be amazed how things begin to fall into place after taking those first few deliberate actions.


Living Proof

One of my clients had huge goals but felt stuck. Years of wishing and dreaming for so many things that seemed out of reach left him wondering if there was any point in going after what he really wanted. He made a commitment and through coaching began seeing his life differently. He began planning actions and taking them. Within just a few months he was years ahead of where he thought he would be. With confidence he took ownership and knew his big goals and dreams were his to master. Here is a part of his testimonial about his coaching experience that rings so true with “Action Defines You”:

“One of the most important lessons… was realizing that in order to move forward you must plan your actions and take one step at a time. With the support and planning I learned, I was able to see my goals as a sequence of small steps that once completed would move me closer and closer to my destination. The feeling of empowerment grew exponentially in every session and I am certain that without this training it would’ve taken me many years to arrive where I am today.”

Step 400 x 267


The Essentials

You may be wondering “How do I begin?”  Commit to revealing the person you truly are deep down and be that in your thoughts, words, and actions.

  • Thoughts: You are the only one privileged enough to listen to your thoughts. Be your own friend! Clear your mind and learn to write the best possible script for your life.
  • Words: You share your thoughts and desires with the world through your words—be authentic, joyful, and share the best of you.
  • Actions: You show yourself and the world who you are with your actions. Actions speak much louder than words. Take proactive action. Do this every day.

Lacing together your thoughts, words, AND actions is a hugely worthwhile achievement.  This is an enormous stepping stone for massive change. The vital element here is action. Once your thoughts and words align with your dreams, implement your actions and witness your amazing future emerge.


Taking Action

Here are six steps that will inspire you to take the actions that will redefine your future:

  • Create a compelling picture of your future. This vision will pull you forward.
  • Identify something specific that you want and identify a small step you can take right now to move in the direction of achieving it.
  • Take the first step and commit to continuous forward momentum—small steps each day.
  • Plan. Make a plan—daily, weekly, and monthly. Begin with a daily plan: each day, list small steps that lead you toward your big goals. This may be a simple list, reminders on your phone, or a fancy app.

**I have tried myriad of tactics over the years and finally landed upon something that just works (for me)! Creating a bullet journal has propelled my planning and productivity to the next level. It is simple, completely customizable and is so much more than I can explain here. Stay tuned: an article with all of the details is in the works, because this piece of my puzzle has drastically improved my efficiency and it could do the same for you.**

  • Stay focused. Have fun, keep on track, take your steps, and keep your eye on the prize. Say NO to distractions. Prioritize and make the best use of your resources.
  • Continue! Identify. Take ACTION! Create momentum. Repeat.

The actions you commit to now will define your future. Your life is priceless and time cannot be turned back. What if, today, you committed to defining your future on your own terms? Imagine how different your life and the lives of all those around you would be if you removed “someday” from your thoughts and words and committed to taking action today.

Your actions define you.


Define yourself and be the inspiration you were born to be.


Until the next revolution…



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