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Driving Off

I drove off. I left. I said goodbye to who I was. I shed misunderstandings I didn’t know were wrong. For months, maybe more than a year, I thought I made the biggest mistake of my life. A heart wrenching feeling of lostness filled my soul. I wanted to go back, but it was too […]

The Pathless Journey

I write this sitting in my Airstream trailer with the slow pitter patter of rain drops on the aluminum roof. The sound reminds me of a steal drum, but played at 1/20th speed: random notes dropped perfectly from the heavens. My bedroom window is less than 20 feet from a rushing stream with bulging shores […]

Hope and Uncertainty

The last several months have been extremely challenging for my family: Dementia/Alzheimer’s, misunderstandings, mental hospitals, police, cancer, homelessness, helplessness, guilt, anger, sadness … and lots of love. The pandemic has been a recent cherry on top of it all. In 41 years I’ve never cried so much for other people as I have in the […]

Our Intelligent Pilgrimage

“I would rather have trustworthy and satisfying answers to these questions than all the gold in the Indies. To know—not to believe, not to hope, not to have faith, but to know that the universe is friendly, that our feet are set on and intelligent pilgrimage, and that there is Love at the heart of […]

Reflections on Creativity and Life

This Thanksgiving, I drove to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a historic town that was lightly dusted with fresh blanket of snow. I walked the picturesque streets in awe while snowflakes floated in the crisp air. As so often happens when coddiwompling, on my way back to my truck I felt led to take a different […]

Limits of Imagination

For the past few weeks I’ve been in Florida visiting friends, family and even my old house. It’s been nearly two years since I sold most of my stuff and drove away from the life I once had. Sitting in front of the place that used to be home felt peaceful: I could remember living […]


Life Is.

I’m writing this bundled up in a hammock on a cliff-side perch above a crystal clear fast flowing river far out in the wilderness. Civilization is at least a half hour drive away, I have no shelter other than trees towering above and I am the only human here. It is very dark and the […]

The Knowing…

In the silence of a new day being born, I sit on a lakeside perch under a layer of clouds lying low like a warm blanket covering us. “Us” meaning all of us: the lake, the trees, the bases of the mountains in the distance, the birds, the buzzing and curious bugs that seem so loud in the […]

Rumi Poem Exploration

This is a 20 minute excerpt from an hour long exploration. A  group of Coddiwomplers discussed and explored how a poem by Rumi, a 12th century mystic and poet, relates to life today. Enjoy!! Here is the poem: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the […]

Kindness in the Forest

As I live like a leaf gleefully tossed about in the breeze I notice more and more how kindness is who we are. There is something about helping that is us being us. There’s been a shift: in the previous sentence I initially wrote “There is something about helping others…” but it felt wrong as […]