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Gifts: Giving, Being, Noticing

Gifts—what comes to mind? “Gift” has so many meanings and each one of us has a slightly different interpretation.  Before reading further, take a moment to note what thoughts the word “Gifts” brings up within you- there is no right or wrong answer. Alright, now let’s explore “gifts” and I’d love to hear more about […]

Gratitude: The Secret Ingredient

This weekend, my sister Tracy and I were surprised at lunch with a delicious Thai coconut soup. The soup was pure bliss in a bowl and it looked superbly simple. Wanting to replicate the deliciousness in my own kitchen, I asked the manager what the ingredients were. He replied, “coconut milk, coconut creme, mushrooms, green […]

Achieve Your Goals AND Enjoy your Journey

We all have things we want to be. Or do. Or achieve. In going after what you want, do you consider sacrificing present happiness for future bliss? This is often the case, but there is a better way! What is the secret to achieving your goals AND enjoying the journey? The first step is clarifying […]

The Wind Is Your Friend

Often, the most valuable outcomes in life come from experiencing challenges and prevailing. Even though we inherently know challenges make us stronger, why do so many people have the tendency to quit when things get tough? What if the breakthrough was right around the corner and you miss the magical part by throwing in the […]

The Secret of Yourevolution

Yourevolution- You have done it countless times. Each time is different, but also the same. Fully engaging in the process is vital to creating an amazing future.  How will you make the most of your next opportunity? The idea of the word, Yourevolution, first appeared in my thoughts some time in 2014 and has been […]