Coaching Intensive Special

What if in a matter of days your world could shift?

Clients have described the three day coaching intensive as a reset for life.

In this short video Nathalie shares her experience:

If you’d like to experience life differently, spark creativity or fall back in love with work/business then the three day intensive is for you.

We will meet via video conference on for approximately three hours on three consecutive days.

You’ll go live life with a deeper understanding and fresh eyes.

In the next month we will meet for two more coaching sessions. We will talk about what you are noticing and experiencing. Then we will dive into what has come up for you and what else you’d love to see going forward.

What Makes a Transformative Coach Unique?

I once was a regular run-of-the-mill coach, then I hired a coach that totally transformed my life in ways I could never have imagined. I quickly decided this is the kind of impact I’d like to be a part of. Here’s the difference:

Traditional Coach

You come to your coach with goals, dreams, and problems or limiting beliefs. The coach helps you create a plan, holds you accountable, and uses tools and techniques to get past your pesky limiters to propel you into productivity. You (hopefully) achieve what you want to achieve. Maybe you go on to the next goal or maybe you go on your merry way.

Transformative Coach

You come to me with goals, dreams, and/or the things that seem to be in your way. Together we explore a whole new way of understanding and approaching life. What you want becomes more and more clear. Worry, stress and confusion melt away all the while you are gaining a deeper and deeper awareness. Life becomes more fun, your entire experience of the world changes for the better and you come alive. You see that what you thought was limiting you wasn’t and life gets stupid simple. You gain an easier, more efficient and massively more enjoyable way of being in the world. You are forever changed and for the rest of your life you ongoingly surpass what you think possible.

What Might this Mean for You?

This basic understanding behind human psychological functioning opens up limitless potential for growth: Creativity flows, enjoyment takes center stage, productivity heightens, relationships flourish, and wellbeing becomes your routine state. Often this all leads to a massive positive transformation that creates an exponential increase in the quality of life, personally and professionally.

Every part of life becomes simple.