Verb | Cod-di-wom-ple|

Definition of CODDIWOMPLE

  1. : to travel purposefully toward an unknown destination
  2. : to be completely open to limitless possibilities
  3. : to UnPredict your journey


Intransitive Verb| Cod-di-wom-pling|


  1. : the act of a person or thing that coddiwomples
  2. : the skill or practice of a person who coddiwomples

Coddiwompling is the simplest, most effective, and most fun way to live life.

How? The simplest way to start is to point yourself in a direction, follow your heart, and be open to the unimaginable.  Honestly, Coddiwompling is living and you’ve already done it. In fact, just by reading these words you are coddiwompling.

Coddiwompling is letting the limitations that we put on ourselves effortlessly fall away. Coddiwompling allows you to be unleashed and enjoy the freedom to truly live. When this happens, we come alive and the unimaginable happens. Coddiwompling is so natural anyone can do it. Highly productive and successful business and organizations coddiwomple and children coddiwomple just the same.

We have all done it- when we were babies we only knew how to coddiwomple. Think about the laughter and giddiness of small children. This is what is on offer, but in a package that has the possibility to change the world. Most don’t realize it yet, but a light, joyful life full of possibility is available to all of us. Since Coddiwompling has been at the forefront of my way of being, I have had the most amazing experiences and the impact on others has been incredible. During our coaching I will help you understand the core principles of living a life of freedom and ease… the best part is: it is much simpler than you think! It will seem effortless and fun. Intrigued?

Transformative conversations are at the heart of perfecting the art of Coddiwompling.

Kristy Halvorsen

Transformative Coach,

 & speaker, writer, facilitator, adventurer, and lover of life.


My Home on Wheels


Kristy Halvorsen

Leader and Lieutenant in the Fire Service


What Makes a Transformative Coach Unique?

I once was a regular run-of-the-mill coach, then I hired a coach that totally transformed my life in ways I could never have imagine. I quickly decided this is the kind of impact I’d like to be a part of. Here’s the difference:

Traditional Coach

You come to your coach with goals, dreams, and problems or limiting beliefs. The coach helps you create a plan, holds you accountable, and uses tools and techniques to get past your pesky limiters to propel you into productivity. You (hopefully) achieve what you want to achieve. Maybe you go on to the next goal or maybe you go on your merry way.

Transformative Coach

You come to me with goals, dreams, and/or the things that seem to be in your way. Together we explore a whole new way of understanding and approaching life. What you want becomes more and more clear. Worry, stress and confusion melt away all the while you are gaining a deeper and deeper awareness. Life becomes more fun, your entire experience of the world changes for the better and you come alive. You see that what you thought was limiting you wasn’t and life gets stupid simple. You gain an easier, more efficient and massively more enjoyable way of being in the world. You are forever changed and for the rest of your life you ongoingly surpass what you think possible.

What Might this Mean for You?

This basic understanding behind human psychological functioning opens up limitless potential for growth: Creativity flows, enjoyment takes center stage, productivity heightens, relationships flourish, and wellbeing becomes your routine state. Often this all leads to a massive positive transformation that creates an exponential increase in your experience of life, personally and professionally.

Every part of life becomes simple as we shed beliefs and realize the freedom a peace we are looking for is at the core of who we are.

For You, What now?

Give yourself the gift of living in true freedom. If you are interested in working with me, the first step in your grand exploration is a 90 minute complimentary discovery session. My bet is that through this session your life will be forever changed. The big question is to what degree… there is only one way to find out. Click the button below to take the first step in a life changing journey.

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Coddiwomple Now

If you really want to know more… here’s  a bit of my story:

I grew up as an active kid that loved the outdoors and played just about any sport. University was a fun mix of being a determined athlete and serious student. The basketball team traveled North America and I was the one kid doing homework on all the planes and buses. This earned me Florida Atlantic University’s “Student Athlete of the Year” honors twice. I ended up finishing with a masters degree in mechanical engineering, minor in business.

My professional career began as a mechanical engineer and structural analyst. Simply put: I made sure military fighter jet engine parts didn’t break. It wasn’t fun and the job felt like it was sucking the life out of me. Almost every night and all weekend I volunteered as a firefighter—I LOVED it. At the ripe old age of 24 I decided to follow my heart and walk away from engineering. For fourteen years as a firefighter/paramedic I never “worked” a day: going to work felt like summer camp, but they paid me 🙂

Ever since my undergraduate classes I had a fondness for psychology and philosophy, so I finally followed the inclination to become a coach. I hired my first coach and within three months my life had drastically changed for the better. My determination to do that for others inspired me to promptly go back to college to become a certified coach. For years I ran my coaching business while moonlighting as a Lieutenant in the fire service.

Quickly I realized I was falling in love all over again. It was like dejavue– the pull to leave the fire service to become a full time coach and make a massive change in the world was strong. Pair this with my dream to live full-time in an Airstream Trailer and the makings of a fabulous fantasy life began to fall into place. I created a detailed five year plan in 2015: by the end of 2020 I hoped to be living and working from the road.

2016 is when fate stepped in and introduced me to an entirely new understanding of how the mind works and how the world works. Only a year later, in November of 2017, I had retired from the fire department, sold my house and most of my belongings, and was living full-time in my Airstream trailer. The simplicity and efficiency this transition occurred with was remarkable. What I thought would take at least five years was realized in two. My entire life became based on Coddiwompling and everything changed. The best experiences of my life have taken place since driving off in my trailer and living my dream of coaching from all over the world.

Long story short- I’ve experienced the astonishing ease of living the dream and my purpose is now to be the catalyst for you in your journey to live an amazing life, be happy and wildly successful, all the while surpassing everything you thought was possible.

Ready to Write the Next Chapter in Your Story?

Join me in exploring all the possibilities and let’s unleash your super power! What would you really love to do or be? If you don’t know, we will start there and you’ll probably be surprised at what shows up. If you already know, then lets create that simpler and more effortlessly than you’ve imagined. Why wait? Coddiwomple now! Click the button below to get started.