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Frequently Asked Questions

Join motivated business professionals in this intensive business development program which harnesses the synergy, motivation, and accountability of the group environment.

How do I register? Call 941-677-8123 or email to register.

Where is the program held?  We meet via a full featured web conferencing service.  Join by PC, MAC, mobile devices, or by phone.  Available features in “” are: video, screen sharing, visual tools, PowerPoint, small group discussions, and interactive blackboards. All sessions will be recorded so that group members may review sessions.

How can I participate?  At the specified session times we will be connecting by web or phone via web conference. It is simple! If you have any questions about using the web conferencing system, please let us know and we will walk you through the process prior to the first call.

How do I access the web conference and information? To access the session by web, you will simply click on a link that brings you into the web conference.  By phone you will call: 646-558-8656 and enter a meeting ID. Each group also has a private Facebook page for questions and collaboration.

What do I need to participate?

  • You will get the most out of your experience when you participate using a computer, MAC, or mobile device with an internet connection.
  • You may also dial in by phone for audio only. *Participants are responsible for their long-distance charges. The dial-in phone number is based in the US.
  • Between calls you will be sent supplemental materials and exercises. You may want to print some of these documents.
  • There may also be books mentioned, that you might choose to purchase or check out from your local library.

What time commitments will be required? Group sessions are 75 minutes. The amount of time dedicated to pre/post session activities is dependent on the individual. There is no “required” work between sessions, although there may be exploratory and business related activities offered. All activities will be geared toward growing your business AND discovering the best in yourself.

As a participant, what support will I have?

Outside of the Group Sessions, you will also have:

  • Four (4) 1 on 1 coaching sessions
    • Pre-program session (15 minutes)
    • Two (2) 30 minute session
    • Post-program session (15 minutes)
  • There is also an opportunity to invest in additional  1 on 1 sessions.
  • An accountability team (discussed and designated during the first session).
  • Pre-work to prepare you for the program and materials, tools, or exercises to enhance your learning, experience, and implementation of insights between the group sessions.
  • Often times the relationships formed between participants during the group program last well beyond the conclusion of the program- your relationships have the potential to last a lifetime.

What components are included in the registration?

  • Eight (8) Group Coaching Sessions:
    • Seven (7) 75 minute facilitated group sessions.
    • One (1) additional 75 minute session within the month following the program to supercharge your momentum. The content of this call is participant driven and is an opportunity to keep the “learning alive”.
  • For (4)  1 on 1 sessions

What forms of payment are accepted? Checks, E-Checks and ACH transfers are encouraged. Credit cards are also accepted.

What are the benefits of attending a virtual (web-based) group coaching program over a in- person program?

Virtual programs are an ideal choice for busy professionals and parents. Participate in a coaching program without having to leave your home or office. You also have the option of participating from any other location, for example, while traveling or on vacation.

Some of the immediate benefits of attending a virtual program include:

  • No travel costs and no travel time.
  • Ability to apply your learning “real time” – as soon as you log out of the web-conference or hang up your phone.
  • Opportunity to connect with other individuals from a wide geographic area.
  • Smaller time commitment to participate as there is no travel time.

What kind of follow up can I expect?

You have the opportunity to participate in a 75 minute group coaching session 4-6 weeks after the program. The content of this call is participant driven and is an opportunity to keep the “learning alive”. We usually discuss challenges and opportunities experienced since the last session of the program, and there is ample time to bring any questions you have with you. If interested, participants are encouraged to continue their accountability partnerships and professional relationships after the conclusion of the program.

Who leads the Group Coaching Programs?

Andrew Hogan and Kristy Halvorsen are the program facilitators.

Andrew,  Founder and CEO of Visioneers,  is an avid world traveler and born entrepreneur who went from launching a GIS software firm to building a successful market research company. In the late 90s his interest grew from helping companies predict the future to helping individuals, teams and organizations create the actual future they wanted. In 1998, Visioneers was born. Since then, Andrew has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, leaders, CEOs, businesses, and community groups using 30 years of experience in transformative coaching, intentional play and his proprietary Visioneering process to create powerful futures with amazing clients all across the globe.

Kristy, Founder and CEO of Yourevolution Coaching, has created and facilitated multiple successful mastermind groups and group coaching programs. In addition to her coach training at Erickson College and her certification with the International Coach Federation, Ms. Halvorsen has been trained by one of the world leaders in group coaching. She is also a proven leader with many accolades and degrees including a Masters Degree in engineering with a minor in business. Ms. Halvorsen has an international clientele and is devoted to empowering people to live amazing lives.

More Questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact Kristy by email at any time at or by phone at 941-677-8123; or contact Andrew at 303- 501-9759 or You may also wish to view more information about group programs at: