Group Programs

Specifically for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Reimagine Success: Grow Your Business, Create Your Future and Effortlessly Thrive

Do you want to transform your passion into profit? Whether you are a new entrepreneur launching your business or a seasoned business owner looking to take your business to the next level, this program is for you. This program combines group and one-on-one coaching, small group discussions, reflection exercises, discovering your internal GPS system which will point you in the ‘right” direction and allow for more creativity/insight/wisdom, and you will receive support and guidance along the way. Join other motivated business owners in this intensive business development program which harnesses the synergy, creativity, and wisdom of the group environment. The best part is: you’ll see how simple it is to have an amazing life AND a thriving business.

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For Everyone

Coddiwompling: Creatively Live the Life of your Dreams

In this interactive group program, we will dive into identifying what you really want and pointing yourself in that direction with intention, clarity and heart. We will explore creating your future in a way that seems effortless and fun all the while achieving more than you might think possible. Why not live more fully, experience things more deeply and really GO FOR IT!

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