Definition of CODDIWOMPLE


  1. : to travel purposefully toward an unknown destination
  2. : to be completely open to limitless possibilities
  3. : to unpredict your journey

What might be possible if you totally unscripted your life?

Almost two years ago I started an experiment to see what might happen if I lived fully in the moment by following my heart. I sold almost all my stuff and set out to explore the world living purely by instinct and feeling. What happened surpassed my wildest dreams, but to my surprise, this simple, natural way of living has also impacted people all over the world. Everywhere I go people have wondered if they can possibly live this way without having to get rid of everything they already love in their own lives. The answer is an emphatic YES.

In this radically different group program we will dive in together and explore the simplicity of Coddiwompling. No matter what you are up to or where you are in life, living by instinct in the moment ignites something very special in the world. Life happens effortlessly, flows beautifully, and better still, we come alive. You can live like this from right where you are now and in every part of life, including your career, business, relationships, love, and even finances… yes, every part of life. Join me and let’s unpredict your future!

We begin January 8th and we meet via live video conference every Wednesday for ten weeks.

The group size is purposefully kept small and intimate.

Previous groups have been 10-14 members and this group will be the same.

Sound interesting?

Here is what one Coddiwompler shared about her experience in this program:

Kristy has opened my eyes to a completely new way of being in the world. I’m now playing with ‘unpredicting my journey’ and seeing the unknown as an adventure rather than something scary that I need to plan and control! It’s a lovely way to live and I’ve only just dipped my toe in the water, so I’m excited to see where this takes me. Kristy’s coddiwompling stories, and the way she lives her life, are incredibly inspiring. I don’t think I could learn this from anyone better.

Katherine BassfordAuthor/Illustrator and TRE Teacher- Chichester, UK

If you have questions, reach out by phone or email:

Here’s what Antra shared after one group session:

All week I’ve noticed me with less of me on my mind. That I am IN life and not thinking about myself. I’ve had a fairly long stint of ”me on my mind making my health ”precious” “ for several years and I have recently begun to notice that when I’m tuned into what IS- then I feel less pain, anxiety, and the need to fix. I’m willing to bet that this very thing has everything to do with healing. Just funny how there’s nothing to do. All week it’s like I just dove into life and then there was just less of me on my mind. Who knew?


Antra BoydFounder: Connected Care Patient Advocates- Portland, Oregon

What You’ll Get

Weekly Sessions:

January 8th – March 11th on Wednesdays at 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm UK

A Bonus Session in April: Live life, come back, share, and see more!

  • Eleven 60-minute Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom web/teleconference
    • Join in by PC, MAC, and iOS/Android mobile devices for video and premium features
    • You may also join in by phone for audio only
  • Lifetime access to session recordings
  • Closed Facebook group for more discussion and interaction
  • Supplement your learning with exercises and readings to gain insight
  • Bonus audios and videos

And More!

Click here for a 20 minute sneak peak of one session.

The excerpt begins with wondering about “You must ask for what you really want” and ends with a discussion around the freedom in knowing “You can’t get it wrong.”

Our newest group begins January 8th.

Let’s coddiwomple together!  Ten weeks of deeply exploring and experiencing letting instinct live through you.

I can honestly say this was the best investment I have made.  Kristy is an excellent coach.  She was able to peel back the layers of obstacles that were hindering my progress. Today, I sit more confident than ever and very clear of my vision.  I have accomplished more in a month than I did in a whole year and my life as a whole is moving in a balanced direction. Our diverse group offers insight, inspiration motivation and friendships.

Tracy KernanAgent/Manager: Traditions Realty- Jacksonville, FL

What is Coddiwompling?

Coddiwompling is the simplest, most effective, and most fun way to live life.

How? The simplest way to start is to point yourself in the direction of your dreams, follow your heart, let instinct flow through you, trust, love, and notice the world change around you. Coddiwompling is letting the limitations that we put on ourselves effortlessly fall away. Coddiwompling allows you to be unleashed and enjoy the freedom to truly live. When this happens, we come alive and the unimaginable happens. Coddiwompling is so natural anyone can do it. Even highly productive and successful business and organizations coddiwomple.

We have all done it- when we were babies we only knew how to coddiwomple. Think about the laughter and giddiness of small children. This is what is on offer, but in a package that has the possibility to change the world. Most don’t realize it yet, but a light, joyful life full of possibility is available to all of us. Since Coddiwompling has been at the forefront of my way of being, I have had the most amazing experiences and the impact on others has been incredible. During our coaching I will help you understand the core principles of living a life of freedom and ease… the best part is: it is much simpler than you think! It will seem effortless and fun. Intrigued?

Let’s Coddiwomple together. For less than the cost of lunch ($9 per session) you can experience a whole new way of living.

If you have questions, reach out by phone or email: