10 conditions essential for achieving your goals

Coaching is a thought provoking, creative process that inspires you to learn, increase awareness, and maximize potential (personally and professionally). As your coach, I support and encourage you to surpass what you previously thought possible—you are the one with the power and responsibility to create the future you desire.

My greatest wish is that you will realize your potential by experiencing amazing change and growth. This is a process and you are in complete control—the responsibility of experiencing results, living in happiness, and creating your amazing future lies within you. To set you up for success, here are 10 essential elements that will empower you to get the most out of your coaching. My suggestion- review theses essentials regularly and continue to strive to integrate each one into your coaching experience. Below is a detailed description of each element and then a quick reference guide. Consider printing and placing the quick reference guide somewhere you will notice and glance at it often.


  1. Clarity—Every coaching session should include an agenda identified by you. Before your session get clear on what you would like to work on: a specific goal for your session. Ask yourself: “What would be the best outcome from my session today?” If you are not sure what you want from a session, tell your coach. Then you both can create clarity together before diving in.  Each session must have a focus and it is your responsibility to be clear about exactly what you want.
  2. Complete Your Coaching Prep Sheet. Your coaching prep sheet helps create focus and allows your coach to understand exactly where you are and where you want to go before beginning your session. Another added benefit is this allows you and your coach to be on the same page and direct even more of your session time towards powerful coaching conversations.
  3. Commit to yourself: Be prepared, relaxed, and ready to begin on time. Before calling your coach at your scheduled time, take a moment to clear your mind, gather your thoughts, and hone in on your desired best possible outcome from your session.
  4. Create a sacred time and space—free from distraction. Be in a clean, comfy, location that will inspire deep thought- this may be your office, your couch, a place outside, or anywhere that provides a space for deep thought. Some of my clients find their parked vehicle is a nice place to remove all distractions. Once in your sacred space, silence or turn off your devices (phones, computer, etc) and commit to focusing on yourself and creating your amazing future.
  5. Concentrate and take notes. Resist the desire to multi-task. Coaching works best when you are focused and absolutely free from distractions. While being attentive, take notes to help you remember key points, ah-ha moments, and action steps.
  6. Be open to seeing things differently. By investing in coaching, you acknowledged you are ready to move your life forward with absolute commitment and confidence. You will get more out of coaching if you are willing to step back from an observer’s point of view—then examine your assumptions, ways of thinking, expectations, beliefs, and reactions. Coaching will have positive impacts on many areas of your life, not just your specific focus areas.
  7. Be ready and willing to transform and grow—to evolve who you are being. Coaching is as much a developmental process as a goal oriented one. Not only will you learn to accomplish more with less effort, you will have the opportunity to: enhance your thinking; create a new personal vision for yourself; strengthen your beliefs and assumptions; and expand your thoughts of yourself and your way of being in the world.
  8. Design and create your optimal environment. Enhance the value of your coaching by being coached and living in your optimal environment. If needed, use your coaching to design your ideal environment. When your surroundings are organized, efficient, healthy, and inspiring this directly boosts your success. Simplify, organize, beautify.
  9. Recap what you have learned. After your session, take 15 minutes or so to review and add to your notes.  Then solidify the actions steps you will take going forward. Share your intentions with your coach and your personal accountability crew.
  10. Clarify! Be crystal clear on your learning, insights, and planned actions. Use a great resource, the Post Coaching Form, to organize your thoughts and email this to your coach. At a minimum send an email to your coach listing your key takeaways and commitments. Coaching is just conversation unless it leads to transformation and action.

Taking action is your responsibility. Use your resources to set yourself up for success!


This is the quick reference guide, download and print your copy HERE. It is formatted to print on 4 x 6 photo paper.



…until the next revolution



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