Charting your path with the Life Wheel

Charting your path with the Life Wheel

How will you know you are living your life to the fullest? What small steps can you take now to be more balanced and feel more fulfilled? What sort of person would you be when you are living your ideal life full of success, freedom, and happiness? If you are having trouble coming up with answers to one or all of these questions, here is a simple way to get the ball rolling– your life wheel. You may be surprised how simple it really is!

Your Life Wheel

In sticking with the theme of Yourevolution, the wheel exercise is the perfect tool to prioritize, balance, and build the life you’ve always dreamed of.  Even more incredible is that this simple exercise can be completed by anyone, anywhere. All you need is a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

Why Use the Life Wheel?

You are the captain of your ship, and the helm is in your hands. This life wheel exercise will give you a framework and direction for sailing through rough seas, encourage you stay on course, and empower you to experience an amazing journey. The wheel will help you see the big picture of your life– from a birds-eye view. Balance and direction are important, no matter where you are on your adventure of life. Once you dive into the process, you’ll quickly notice which areas of your life could use a little pick-me-up and in which ones you are more satisfied. Through prioritization of your life, work, family, and free time you will gain a better balance, boost your overall satisfaction, and begin rolling forward toward your goals and dreams.

Who should do this?

Anyone and everyone! I really wish someone had introduced me to this tool when I was in my teens!

Alright, when you are ready to get rolling, follow the seven simple steps below

Step #1: Choose Your Categories
Balance Wheel

Wheel Layout

Brainstorm several key areas or categories that are currently part of your life or work.

These areas or categories are your choice. This is your life! The key is to select areas that are important to you, and that you have at least some control over. Aim for 6-10 of your most important categories.

Here are a few examples: Finances, health, personal growth, physical environment, spirituality, fun, family, travel, fitness, sleep, relationship, leisure, career, fulfillment, hobbies, sleep, etc.

Step #2: Fill in your wheel

You are welcome to use this wheel or draw your own. The wheel provided here has 8 sections, but if you have more or less, just draw your wheel with the same number of “slices” as you have categories. Now fill in each slice with one of your categories.

Step #3: Rate each of your categories.

Now, rate your current satisfaction for each category. Ratings are based on a 1 to 10 scale: 1 being barely satisfied at all, and 10 being fully and completely satisfied.  I like to write the number on the outer edge of each slice, but feel free to write the number wherever is most convenient for you. While rating, focus on how satisfied you are right now, not how you think you should be or hope to be. We are rating the present moment.

Step #4: Shade each slice

Your life Wheel- Shaded

You get to color! Shading each slice is very important. This is a visual exercise that helps you find balance. You may keep it sleek and simple with a single shade (black/blue/etc.), or you may jazz up your wheel with color. Your choice! On the wheel provided in the document above there are light gray lines, representing each level from 1 to 10. For each category, shade the slice to fit the rating you chose in step 3. A barely satisfied level of one is just the very tip of the slice near the center of the wheel. If you are experiencing a level of 10, shade your entire slice, all the way to the outer rim.

Step 5: What do you notice?

Now is your time to step back, look at the wheel and take it all in. What do you notice?

Ask yourself these questions: Where might I improve? How can I prioritize? What are some small steps I can take now to increase my satisfaction? How is my life going change for the better if I balanced my wheel incrementally over time? Who else would benefit when I have a balanced life full of satisfaction?

Step 6: Create actions

Now that you know the areas you want to improve and have some ideas on how to do that, turn your ideas into action steps. Action steps are goals, very small, incremental goals.

Ask yourself: What are the smallest steps I can take now to make forward progress and increase my satisfaction? These may be action step you can take over the next few days or a week. The key is to choose action steps that are realistic and that you are committed to follow through on. These actions are vital for a solid foundation that will produce positive habits and keep you rolling forward. For amazing advice on setting actions that you WILL achieve, read this short post.

Step 7: Revisit your wheel!

Give yourself some time to implement your actions and feel your satisfaction improve.  After several months pull your wheel out and re-rate your categories.  What has changed? How will you continue to improve your satisfaction and balance? What steps can you take now? Then keep the process moving forward and revisit the wheel again. This exercise is limitless!

Enjoy the journey!

I’d love to hear from you. What are your questions and ideas? How is your progress?

As a bonus, check out Marylin Atkinson’s 8 minute video about how to use the Life Wheel.


Until the next revolution….


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